Fallout 4 – Stepping out of the vault

I don’t really know what the Fallout series is… I never played the original or Fallout 2, so no doubt I’m a fool and ‘don’t know what I’m talking about’, but when I played Fallout 3 I had a shocking time.

That was my first foray into this purportedly majestic post apocalyptic RPG epic. However, it didn’t go very well. At all.

In fact, it went so poorly that I probably only spent about two hours on it before giving up and proclaiming the game useless.

One of my friends payed it to death and said it was one of his favourite games of all time! Why such a different experience? Especially when I had sunk probably 50+ hours into Skyrim, another Bethesday title with apparently very similar mechanics and style.

Now having played Fallout 4, I think I’ve got it. Bethesda gives you nothing… It really is a sandbox in the true sense, the rules are not laid out for you, in fact you barely even know what the game is. But you know you must survive in this bleak wasteland. Both the beauty and the beast of this game (and I’m guessing the series) is that you have to work it out for yourself.

“For all idiot gamers like me this should be your main takeaway from this blog, bottle caps are currency.”

Being a self proclaimed numpty when it comes to games and especially RPGs I am not too proud to see exactly why I struggled with Fallout 3. I thought it would be easy. I thought it would explain itself and I thought I could take charge in the wastelands… It just isn’t the way to play . All that, plus the somewhat major issue that I didn’t realise bottle caps were currency. For all idiot gamers like me this should be your main takeaway from this blog, bottle caps are currency.

I’ve had about 10 hours in Fallout 4 and I’m starting to get it. I’m still not convinced it’ll grab me in the same way Skyrim did, but at least I feel I can now hold my own in the Commenwealth. I have a whole load of other things to share about this game, but I’ll hold on to those for my next post.


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