Grinds My Gears – 1. Bugs

The bugs… oh my goodness the bugs!

I’ve been putting a good few hours into Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and I am starting to really enjoy it and getting deeper into the storyline and gameplay.

However, I am constantly dropped out of the illusion of the Commonwealth by terrible and regular bugs in the game’s graphics. I’ll just be talking to an NPC and they’ll face away from me, walk into and through a wall or sometime, even worse, complete dialogue while I’m in another room, potentially making me miss useful story-line info. It is so pervasive that almost almost session with Fallout 4 ends in me getting frustrated at some bug or other.

“It is so pervasive that almost almost session with Fallout 4 ends in me getting frustrated at some bug or other.”

Recently, I was on a major story-line quest and made a defining decision on the direction my character was taking in the game. This led to a scene of carnage where I had to take out a large number of characters I had previously worked with on other quests…. It was one of those game decisions you knew would impact things later on and even whilst playing I wasn’t sure I’d done the right thing. These kind of decisions are what make RPGs great!

However, just at the end of my rampage I headed to the exit to face the outcome of this decision and for some reason a trader and his beast were in the room with me, along with a bunch of NPCs, including one who had earlier spoken to me about a side quest… This thing would not move and without moving it I was stuck in this building with no other way to exit back to Commonwealth. I tried everything and it became a farce, me jumping underneath the thing to push it…. me shooting away from them to try and draw attention… Nothing worked. So finally I resolved to kill this beast. All hell broke loose, they all turned on me and I had to kill all of them.

This impacted that side quest I mentioned and pissed off my companion no end!

It totally stopped the illusion dead. I know it’s a big game and there is a lot for the devs to contend with, but this kind of thing really grinds my gears!

Here for your amusement are some other ridiculous bugs in Fallout 4:

And here is  the awesome Angry Joe’s review, which also highlights these issues:


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One thought on “Grinds My Gears – 1. Bugs

  • Andy
    December 8, 2015 at 8:02 am

    Yeah, I had to repeatedly play out the final, extensive sequence of one of the many incidental side-quests because it was shot to hell with bugs (Curtain Call, in case you’re interested – saving Rex Goodman from super mutants). A cursory google shows a couple of people have had problems on that quest, though not everybody it seems.

    It IS a big game, but so’s GTA V and, whilst it’s not completely free of little buggy intricacies, none of them ever impact significantly on gameplay and missions. I guess Rockstar have a bigger testing budget though, so it’s probably not a fair comparison.


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