Merry Gamesmas!

As the holiday season comes to end, just a quick post to give a few honourable mentions to games that got played over the festive break.

I got two board games for Xmas, Ticket to Ride (Europe) and Fury of Dracula. I managed to play both with my parents who are not expert gamers and we did OK.


TTR is a game almost anyone can pick up and play, we played one round with three players and one with five. The aim is to lay your railway carriages down between cities to ‘own’ those lines, you are also given ‘travel tickets’ that reward you for completing certain routes, London to St. Petersburg, for example. Both rounds were entertaining and fun, with enough depth to keep you thinking but never too complex to handle. Worth noting that the experience differed greatly between three and five players – three is a much shorter game and it is far easier to complete your travel tickets, the five player game becomes a longer and more strategic affair.

“I love the cat and mouse element, the depth of ‘influence’ Dracula can impart on the game and the myriad options available each round to the hunters.”

FOD is a much more serious prospect. It’s a game of cat and mouse where Dracula’s position is hidden from those hunting him. Firstly, the game design is beautiful with a multitude of angles,to play from. The artwork is lovely and it is easy and fun to role play during the game, with lots of silly accents being deployed during our game! It can be payed with two, three, four or five players. We played with three and it was a challenge. There are four hunter characters and in the three person game, each hunter must play two roles. This means every phase, the hunters go twice. It is hard to keep focused and have differing tactics in this scenario.


Despite that, I love the cat and mouse element, the depth of ‘influence’ Dracula can impart on the game and the myriad options available each round to the hunters.  Not to mention the fantastic use of combat cards during those occasional combat phases.  I’m looking forward to playing this game with five more experienced players at the table and with a significant amount of time to play.

From a video games point of view I played some of the Witcher 3 expansion ‘Heart of Stone’ which is a delightful (and necessary addition) and I will write about at another time.

I also played ‘80 Days‘ on my iPad. A beautiful ‘choose your own adventure’ style digital storybook from developer, Inkle. I cannot say enough good things about this and will follow up shortly on this very pleasing little gem of a game.


We wrapped up the gaming season last night with Pandemic and Dominion… Plus, wine, whisky and pie. Good times.


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