Photo Mode in The Last of Us

I’ve had many reasons to play through The Last Of Us, it has a lot of zombie thumping and gun toting action that this genre tends to induce but the main draw is the drama and story-line. It draws the player into the post Cordycep infected world and the characters make it feel like your playing through an episode of The Walking Dead.


Although this is all very nice, what suckered me into it was the greatly rendered environments. Naughty Dog have had the foresight to include a photo/video mode, designed to enable the player to stop the action at any time, cut scenes too, and grab an awesome screenshot. It even goes so far that it can mix the film effects and depth of field, creating some cool, sombre, post apocalyptic photos.

“Naughty Dog have had the foresight to include a photo/video mode, designed to enable the player to stop the action at any time, cut scenes too, and grab an awesome screenshot.”

My first use of this tool though had me trying to find some humour in the infected or characters, odd expressions or gestures that made me chuckle. Though most screenshots looked great it was hard to catch a zombie in an unsuspecting position. I know that this is not what this was intended for as The Last of Us is a pretty serious game. Play through this on a grounded level and you’ll find that it’s a survivalist game more than a typical zombie game but my immaturity got the better of me, so I had to find a place in the game where it dropped its guard of being so serious, at least just for a second.


Here are two infected, they could be dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller even, but they look too blood thirsty at the moment… At least they’re in sync.


This chap was giving the house rules to his flat. Although he was shadow boxing with one of the members of my team, which I had removed from the shot, which is another cool feature, but he still looks menacing or strict in this case.

I decided to change tack, instead I searched for the best monster selfie, only possible from the dosy ones. This is what I got from those sleeping deeply enough to let me approach.


Or if they happen to come to me for a selfie anyway.12357129_10156375190375245_4657224556709325463_oAbout this time is when I found out about the frames I could use, although most were pretty lame, I found the need not for a frame but a hat, mustache or giant M to turn the sleeping infected into Mario or something of the sort but instead had to settle for the K-poppy frame of the sharesnap instead.


I started using the tool how they intended it to be used in the end and got some pretty decent images which showed off the effort that has gone into this game. Although they created this tool so that you wouldn’t drift too far from the games feel and mood I still think that it wouldn’t be so bad for a serious game to let its hair down once completed, add a novelty outfit for the main guy Joel, like Metal Gear Solid 2 did, or maybe swap zombies for clowns instead, I guess there’s always Left For Dead for that. But in hindsight I think keeping it this detailed and not taking that step into silliness of all zombie games created pre and post The Last of Us was probably a good choice, it set this game up on its own area of this spectrum and for that I say bravo to you Naughty Dog.