The Division – Beta

The Division Beta comes out on Xbox One tomorrow (PS4 and PC on the 19th) and I think I’ll give it a go!

If you fancy it too, go here.

This might not seem like a very IG kind of game, cause I’m old and have bad reflexes and online is your yoots etc etc. However, I do like the idea of a sandbox game where I can go online and play with my mates and have a giggle.

That’s why we play Rainbow Six Siege… So I’m hoping this will provide similar funnies.

I’ll report back tomorrow.



I played the beta today and was thoroughly underwhelmed. I’m still not sure what the game is trying to be.

It feels to me like a cover shooter with some very loose RPG elements. However, as I wandered around, there were no buildings to loot. Loot only appeared rarely after killing certain (I guess high ranking) enemies.

I didn’t get into the ‘Dark Zone’ so internet people will tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about (Wah!), but I played for about 45 mins and still didn’t get hooked in.

The enemies absorb bullets apparently for fun. Even though their only protection is a knock-off Superdry hoody. They shoot with their guns cocked, street style and spray endless streams of ammo at me.

Occassionaly a particularly confident extra from 8 Mile will run straight at me, take a clip into his sweats and finally die. Not satisfying, just annoying.

I will play more and let you know if things improve.


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