More E3 Nonsense



Anyone else get the distinct feeling that this three minute load of old cobblers is exactly that?


I reckon that your man at Sony said,

“Hey Koj, you know all this chat and that aboot you making games and wot not? How aboot you slap on a t-shirt with some nonsense on it and then knock out some pre-rendered video madness that’ll drive everyone freaking bonkers, like…”

load of old cobblers

I think that’s probably exactly how it went down. Then they realised they’d already mo-capped the fella from Walking Dead and thought they’d re-use that now Silent Hills is dead and…. BOOM!! New Kojima game!!

This game will never be a thing. And if it is, this cavalcade of crazy will not be in any way representative of it.

Also, FIFA story mode.



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