We’ve Been Duped

Something terrible has happened recently that sent shock waves across the globe.

The future is uncertain, people are worried and who knows when we will trust the system again

Everyday people have lost hard earned money and put their faith in something that turned out to be nothing like they expected. The future is uncertain, people are worried and who knows when we will trust the system again.

I’m talking, of course, about Mighty No. 9.

Way back in 2013 comcept USA put up a Kickstarter promising us a game that:

“takes the best aspects of the 8- and 16-bit era classics you know and love, and transforms them with modern tech, fresh mechanics, and fan input into something fresh and amazing!”

After only a few weeks they posted this concept art as an indication of how the game would look:


Subsequently the Kickstarter went on to bring in over $3.8m which is a pretty amazing return. The original goal was a mere $900k.

Then, over three years later the game was released. Some contributors had pledged over $500 towards this and would have been very excited to receive the game they had been waiting s0 long for….

Suffice to say, they fucked it

They got this:


Less bringing the Japanese side scroller into the future than bringing next gen consoles into the past. Suffice to say, they fucked it. Not only is the lighting nowhere near what they planned in the concept, the art style bland, the backgrounds dull and in-inspriring, but the gameplay is also lacking anything to make it stand out from a crowd of boggo side scrollers.

With a Metacritic standing at 54, it’s not looking good. I feel for those that backed it and for those who subsequently forked out $30 for it.

Just goes to show Kickstarter doesn’t always deliver. Comcept got nearly $4m of fan’s cash and it looks like they’ve hoodwinked em.

For a more detailed look about what’s wrong with Mighty No.9 and some videos, check out Eurogamer here.


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