[If you can’t be arsed to read the whole thing, in short it’s a blog about games by an old fella – basically, keep reading if you hate CoD]

The Internet is full of awesome sites, blogs, channels and profiles about video games. But I’m not quite sure that any of them truly represents me…. The idiot gamer.

I’ve been playing games since I was a child in the 80’s and have always loved playing but never been very good.

Now, in today’s modern gaming zeitgeist I’m not sure there is a place for relics of the gaming world like me, who still think Repton and Ski Slalom were just about the peak of video games.

Me and my friends grew up through the early days of Spectrum, BBC Micro, Commodore64, Atari ST, Amiga. Then PCs came along and blew our minds! After that we were truly the beta testers in the golden age of console gaming; Sega, Nintendo and for those lucky few, Neo Geo and all the other mad imports.


As we have grown so has the technology and we got to be part of the real birth of modern games consoles with the PS1 and the rest is (fairly recent) history.

Now, my tastes have changed and although the machines have got better it feels like the games have got worse… Or I have at playing them.

This blog is for old farts like me. This blog is for the players…. The idiot players.

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  • February 18, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    Having originally thought this was simply not my thing because “I’m not a gamer”, reading this bio has convinced me otherwise. I currently own 4 consoles – Master System, Mega Drive, PS2, Wii. The most modern game I play is Mario Kart Wii which is 10 years old now, and my overriding thought every time I play is “It’s not as good as the SNES version”. It’s completely different of course, in look and feel, and a more modern generation of gamers would probably cringe at the sight of the SNES version, but that just reflects my age/generation more than anything else. Equally, in the context of your recent Street fighter 5 posts, the earlier versions of that are (excuse the pun) streets ahead, in my opinion. I think it’s not only the older games that folk of our generation cherish, but also the memories of wasted teenage years playing them, mates over for an ‘all-nighter’ playing the latest £50 16-bit release for hours on end, eating 10p packets of crisps and drinking cherry coke. Looking back on carefree days of youth doesn’t stop at games of course, I also have a soft spot for teletext too, but that’s a different story.

    In summary, I didn’t think I was an idiot gamer, but maybe I am.


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